zero waste living lab in new york’s capital city

cheerful sunny space, tables, bookcases and art

gallery, tea shop & small event spot

showcasing & inspiring plastic free living in the city

things to do at earthshot

take an ounce of bamboo with you

End Plastic Utensils, Bags, Cups

A lightweight kit of go-anywhere, anti-microbial, always clean bamboo utensils means you can be chic and plastic-free for all your takeout, food court or food truck meals.

Also, enjoy your food & beverages – without the feel of plastic in your mouth. Kicker: disposable plastics for your lunches no longer need to be manufactured from petrochemicals. Or accumulating in oceans.

get a bin or bucket

Cut Methane Emissions

In the kitchen, separate your food scraps in a bowl, bin or bucket. Don’t put them in with other “trash.” When your food scraps go straight from your kitchen to a composting site, your trash won’t smell. Also, the scraps become compost that nourishes the soil of urban gardens, Kicker: the scraps will not go to landfill and become methane. Need help getting started? We compost and help others compost too.

have tea

Ground Yourself Locally

Instead of trying harder to do more by yourself, find an ally and have a soothing cup of tea. Turn the isolation dial counter-clockwise. Find your people and see them regularly, in a calm, sane spot.

Bamboo, our tea house at Earthshot Project, is a chill space for artists, merchants, practitioners in energy systems and food systems, and anyone ready to think about the future of our city in personal terms.

get inspired

Art, Events, Books, Film

Local artists, educators and practitioners of urban resilience can find and grow community here. Schedule a film screening, a gallery show, a reading or foodie session. On permanent exhibit: the works of artist Bamboo Li: striking messages from her 7,000 year old village, and a vast expanse of visual storytelling resonant with daily life. Suitable for any frame, wall or budget. Only at Earthshot Project.

“Welcome to my tiny lab for low carbon living and earth connection in our city. ”

— Janet Carmosky, Founder

Start now.


A 501(c)3 working to build a culture of earth connection in dense urban environments.

323 Hamilton St. Albany, NY 12210 (518) 977-3800